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January: 10th MS 2016 Excel Intermediate
  17th MS 2016 Word Intermediate
February: 7th MS 2016 Outlook Intermediate
  14th MS 2016 Word Intermediate
March: 7th MS 2016 PowerPoint Intermediate
    14th MS 2016 Excel Intermediate
April: 4th MS 2016 Word Intermediate
  11th MS 2016 Outlook Intermediate
May: 9th MS 2016 Excel Intermediate
  16th MS 2016 PowerPoint Intermediate


Efact is an effective solution for our document imaging needs. With Efact we were able to reduce our storage costs and it has also proven to be an excellent retrieval program. The program is easy to learn and even easier to use. Our staff loves it!

Salim R. Tabit, Esquire
Broadhurst Tabit LLP