Paperless Office: Myth No Longer

Efact: Paperless Office

Going with a digital scanning solution for a paperless office has had a lot of hurdles. Scanners were tricky to use and scanned digital files large, difficult to manipulate, and inconvenient to backup. Few document management systems could compete with paper, and the few good paperless office solutions cost too much for any but the biggest businesses.

That’s where Efact Paperless Office comes in.
efactis a a complete appliance-based solution for scanning, backing up, burning to CD, faxing,
emailing, history tracking, and searching for documents.
Environmental Concerns
The paperless office can help the environment too. Paper factories burn coal, so not only are carbon-sequestering trees being cut down, but carbon emissions during the manufacturing process also add to global warming.

Efact is a cost efficient and effective solution to our document imaging needs. We have ultimately reduced overhead and provide a better product to our clients. Our firm searched for several months to find an affordable document imaging solution and found it with Direct IT.

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