Paperless Office!

Green Paperless Campaign  
Set your photocopiers and printers to print on both sides by default.
Make computer files, not paper files when possible.
Take steps to reduce the amount of junk mail that your office receives.
Reuse envelopes and send them through the mail again whenever possible.
Buy "recycled" toner cartridges.
Encourage staff to use reusable coffee mugs.
Invest in rechargeable batteries and battery chargers.
Recycle glass, plastic, metal cans, white paper, and mixed paper and organics as you do at home.
Buy only what you know you will use.
Intersperse regular use of strong cleaners and solvents with less toxic and water based cleaners.
Select products from suppliers and manufactures that use minimal packaging.


Waste Prevention and Recycling at the Office

Office Recycling Program Guidelines

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