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Step 2: Monthly Offsite Storage Costs   100% Saving on
Offsite Storage Cost
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Step 3: Monthly Office Supply Costs   50% Saving on
Office Supply Costs
Cost of paper each month: $
Cost of toner for printers, copiers and faxes each month: $
Repair/service costs on office equipment each month: $
Analysis: Efact Paperless ROI
Monthly cost of Efact solution: $
Monthly labor savings: $0.00
Monthly offsite storage savings: $0.00
Monthly office supply savings: $0.00
Total Monthly Savings:
Total Yearly Savings:
This ROI does not even take into account the the value of the following 2 points
  1. How many more new customers/accounts do you think your company could reach per month by providing a more efficient service and spending less time on filing and looking for documents?
  2. How much revenue would each of these accounts generate?
Disclaimer for ROI
Total potential Return of Investment (ROI) is based on calculations of external data which is subject to change. EFACT USA has offered this online estimator of ROI in good faith. We realize that there are alternate methods to calculate ROI, and that some assumptions may not be applicable for your organization. Data provided for the calculation is the user’s responsibility. We do not make any representations or warranties of any kind on the information provided. We also disclaim any liability or responsibility for the accuracy, correctness, or completeness of any information provided.

"We have been using the
E-Fact system in our office for 2 months and we love it. It has made streamlining our files to paperless much more efficient. It is user friendly and takes little time and effort to use. This system is a valuable asset to our business."

George S. Manemanus
Multi-State Mortgage
Mortgage Services