Paperless Office!

The efact support and maintenance program provides a combination of all the support services required to keep your solution up and running and your files quickly available for years to come. Refer to the training videos for up to date information on how to use efact and to care for the scanners.
User Resources
Efact "How to" Videos
Efact User Manual View Manual
Access the entire efact user manual online.
Backup Training Video Backup Training Video
Follow a step by step guide on how to back up your important files within your efact.
Scanner Maintenance Vidoes
Panasonic 2026/2046 Scanner Maintenance Videos
Paper Feed Roller Cleaning Paper Feed Roller Cleaning
Learn how to clean the main paper feed rollers. These are the rollers that require the most frequent cleaning. 
Drive Roller Cleaning Drive roller cleaning
Learn how to clean the less-important drive rollers in the back of the scanner.
CIS Sensor Cleaning CIS Sensor cleaning
Learn how to clean the "lens" or CIS sensor of the scanner.
Paper Sensor Cleaning Paper sensor cleaning
Your scanner has several sensors to detect the position of paper within the scanner, learn how to clean them by watching this.
Roller Locations Roller locations
Learn where the different rollers and sensors of your scanner are located
Cleaning Instructions for Panasonic® Scanners models S2026C and S2046C
Provided by Panasonic®

Cleaning Instructions for Panasonic® Scanner model S3065C
Provided by Panasonic®
Yearly Maintenance & Warranty Information
efact Yearly Support
The annual contract provides customers with advanced replacement parts delivery, 8X5 unlimited technical phone support, software updates, upgrades and new feature releases. Advanced replacement is subject to availability in some states.
efact agrees to provide the services as outlined in this program within the following parameters:
  •  efact services will respond to reported issues within 1 business day of receipt of request during normal business hours (Mon-Fri 8:30AM-5:30PM EST)
  • Scanner coverage does not insure consumables such as rollers, or physical damage from staples, paperclips, or liquids (*see services not included for more information).
  Services do not include*:
  • Assistance with virus or spyware issues.
  • Troubleshooting of hardware issues on the scanning workstation that are not directly related to efact.

“The tech support we have received since purchasing the program has been nothing short of stupendous! When I have had a question, I email the support team and within minutes I am contacted with assitance. Not another program in our office can boast of that quality of support!

In the year since we purchased this program, it has proven itself invaluable in saving our firm time and money."

Devon Clement
Shaheen Guerrera & O'Leary, LLC
North Andover, MA 01845