Paperless Office!

How does it work?

efact connects to your network, and the entire network can access it using only a web browser.  Scanning workstations running one of our approved scanners allow rapid scanning and indexing. Email and fax integration streamlines processes.

efact is designed to be operated by any one in the office.

A. At the Scanning Stage
All you need to do is to place your document in the Scanner, Click Scan, enter all the emails and/or fax numbers that you like and click send. It is that simple.

B. At the Retrieval Stage
Enter the category of the document, name of the file, number of the office file and click "search". It is that simple

  (No obligation)

Every efact comes with one full day of installation and training for your employees.
2nd day of training is also available at no charge and can be used at any time during the first year.

Every efact comes with free monitoring of the Hard Drives. In case of Failure efact will automatically email Direct iT.

User Interface Screenshot:

"I could not be happier or more satisfied with a product. I am a solo practitioner running an office with no support staff. I have eliminated the need of making copies of files to keep for my records, as well as, scanning in past files to greatly diminish the clutter in my storage area. Clients are ecstatic to receive their closing documents via email or CD as opposed to the stack of paperwork they have to find a place for. Efact's system is extremely user-friendly."

Sotiri Sougaris, Esq.
Law Offices of Sotiri Sougaris, P.C.
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