Paperless Office!

Clients' Testimonials  

"After working with EFACT for several months, our office is finding it more and more useful every day. It is so user friendly, the more input from the beginning the easier it is to find items during the search. Another important and valued feature is simultaneous access by multiple people in the office, we can all view the same document at the same time from our own desks! Our clients comment on how efficient we are, EFACT made it possible to fax, email or burn to CD without searching for the file over and over again, one button does it and we can do it over and over. EFACT has proven to be a real time saver and a value to our operations."

Jeanne Cameron Jones
Shaheen Guerrera & O'Leary, LLC
North Andover, MA


"Efact is a cost efficient and effective solution to our document imaging needs. We have ultimately reduced overhead and provide a better product to our clients. Our firm searched for several months to find an affordable document imaging solution and found it with Efact."

Evan M. Kushner, Esq.
Kushner & Marano, P.C.
Real Estate and Litigation

"I could not be happier or more satisfied with a product. I am a solo practitioner running an office with no support staff. I have eliminated the need of making copies of files to keep for my records, as well as, scanning in past files to greatly diminish the clutter in my storage area. Clients are ecstatic to receive their closing documents via email or CD as opposed to the stack of paperwork they have to find a place for. Efact's system is extremely user-friendly."

Sotiri Sougaris, Esq.
Law Offices of Sotiri Sougaris, P.C.
Real Estate Law

"With over 40 users in our company, Efact has proved to be an effective solution for our document imaging needs. With Efact, not only are we able to reduce our storage costs but it has also proven to be an excellent retrieval program, as well. Efact provides us with the ability to give our customers their closing documents on CD which will also reduce our overhead. The ease of the program is another benefit, from start to finish."

Jim Robinson
Horizon Settlement Services, Inc.


"We are writing to thank your EFACT team for a job well done. EFACT's features integrate seamlessly with our insurance business. We are very impressed with how easy and fast all of my employees learned how to search, email and fax our documents from EFACT. Your installation engineers did a great job training us and the technical support response to our questions has been rapid and very helpful.

We looked at other solutions in the past, but the prices were much higher without similar features. Overall, our Efact will save us a lot of space, and countless hours of time we used to spend searching for paper files and a peace of mind in case of a fire or flood.

We certainly would recommend EFACT to anyone in the insurance industry.

Thanks again for all your help and support during this transition."

Bob Gallagher, Owner
The Insurance Store
Insurance Agent

"The Efact system is easy to use and has eliminated a substantial amount of papers and files that we had been maintaining. I also find that my ability to view documents from my computer without the necessity of retrieving the file from my office storage or from offsite storage has been extremely helpful. It provides me the opportunity to serve client needs without a time delay in retrieving the file. Additionally, I anticipate that I will save upwards of $5,000 to $10,000 per year in storage retrieval expenses once I have completed the excercise of scanning all existing files.

I am happy to refer the Direct IT Efact Solution to any practitioner or other business who is in need of a document management and scanning system. I could not be more please with the results of my purchase."

Richard A. Feigenbaum
Feigenbaum & Uddo LLC Counselors at Law
Estate planning


"I just wanted to drop you a line to thank you and Efact for turning our agency into a paperless office.

We really enjoy not running to "pull the file" and that everything can be retrieved from our desk using Efact. The ease of retrieving, emailing and faxing documents from our desktop made Efact an easy choice for our agency. You and your team have made Efact such a user friendly system that our employees were using it on the first day as if they were using it for years.

I evaluated Docstar before signing up with Efact. The reasons that I chose Efact over Docstar were the price and the ease of use. I found Docstar to be extremely hard to understand and the price was worlds apart fiom Efact.

As the owner of a property & casualty insurance agency, I would highly recommend Efact to my fellow agents in the industry that wish to turn their paper ridden agency into a paperless agency."

Barry G. Cooper, Owner
Matthew Cooper Insurance Agency, Inc.
Complete Insurance Services


"We have been using the E-Fact system in our office for 2 months and we love it. It has made streamlining our files to paperless much more efficient. It is user friendly and takes little time and effort to use. This system is a valuable asset to our business."

George S. Manemanus
Multi-State Mortgage
Mortgage Services


"Efact is an effective solution for our document imaging needs. With Efact we were able to reduce our storage costs and it has also proven to be an excellent retrieval program. The program is easy to learn and even easier to use. Our staff loves it!"

Salim R. Tabit, Esquire
Broadhurst Tabit LLP

"I can not say enough about how satisfied I am with Efact. Efact has reduced our office costs by going paperless and providing clients with the CD. Our clients always ask for CD as opposed to paper. I would recommend Efact to anyone searching for a document imaging service."

Robert L. Allen, Jr., Esq.
Law Office of Robert L. Allen, Jr., LLP